Sarah Gilbert

At the end of February 2021, Stephen Welch announced the closing of his bookstore because of a huge rent increase imposed by his landlord, the Shiller Lavy Group. The news was received with stupefaction by numerous residents of Mile End and was widely reported in the media, for example in this […]

Page Turner

On a recent rainy Friday, the door stood open at Riddell’s Fishing Tackle at 55 Bernard St. West. People carried bags of lures and armloads of mounted fish heads out of the musty store. I hadn’t expect Mile End’s most eccentric storefront to stay intact forever, but at the same […]

Gone fishing

Call of the Alley, June 1, 2009 On a warm evening when I open the back door and the whole alley seems to be in bloom I hear him. A crazy burst of tuneful whistling. A loud whit-whoo! as if in appreciation of a real looker. It’s my favourite and most mysterious neighbour […]

Call of the Alley

The Field of Possibilities has been a protected natural area since May 2013. But in September 2009, when Sarah Gilbert wrote this portrait, it was still largely the dream of an artist, Emily Rose Michaud. 30 September 2009 Past the east end of St. Viateur and beyond a gap in […]

Field Custodian

By Sarah Gilbert – First Published May 2, 2009 For years, Luboslaw Hrywnak and I were neighbours without knowing it. Then, once I meet him, I see him everywhere. Our paths cross on Parc Avenue near his apartment building, or along St. Viateur, or outside the Mile End Mission where […]

Mile End Mission