Annual General Meeting 2018-19

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 – 5:30 p.m.

La Khaïma restaurant
142 Fairmount Av. West

All our friends are welcome! Here is the proposed agenda:

1. Welcome, adoption of the agenda
2. Adoption of the minutes of the Annual General Meeting of October 28, 2018
3. Presentation of 2018 activity report and questions
4. Presentation of 2018 financial statement and questions
5. Amendments to the bylaws*
6. Election of Board Members for 2019-2020
7. Adjournment

Snacks will be served.

* Information about amendments to the bylaws
We are suggesting changes to the bylaws to recognize the possibility that some active members who do not want to sit on the Board of Directors still wish to contribute to the activities and programs of Mile End Memories. Active members will also have the right to attend meetings of the Board. Board members will be recruited from among the active members.

Other, minor changes are also proposed, to better reflect how the organization currently functions, to correct spelling mistakes and to create a (nominal) annual membership fee for active members. The Board of Directors has set the annual membership at $10. For those members who wish to receive our communications by postal mail, the membership will be $50 to compensate for the costs of handling and postage.

Click here to obtain the complete bylaws in Word format with change tracking. Please note that the bylaws exist only in French.