Yves Desjardins

On Friday 20 September 2019, Drawn & Quarterly bookstore hosted the launch of Mile End Portraits, an illustrated book coauthored by Mile End Memories with two local artists, Michel Hellman and Pascal Girard. The book originated with our 15th anniversary celebration held on 22 November 2018 at the Rialto Theatre. We think it will interest both residents […]

Launch of Mile End Portraits

On Thursday 22 November 2018, Mile End Memories celebrated its 15th anniversary at the Rialto Theatre. We also took the opportunity to highlight the remarkable restoration of this Montreal heritage jewel, an important pole of the neighborhood cultural scene. Two “illustrators-in-residence”, Pascal Girard and Michel Hellman, sketched the proceedings during […]

Mile End Memories 15th anniversary celebration

St. Michael’s church is incontestably one of the most recognizable visual symbols of Mile End. But its architecture confuses many, tourists and Montrealers alike. In 2008, Kate McDonnell, with the assistance of Kevin Cohalan, published an article on Urbanphoto.net which answers just about every question one might ask about its history. Mile End Memories is happy to republish […]

St. Michael’s: an echo of the Hagia Sophia