Panel: Contemporary Jewish Identites in Mile End

Election pamphlet for communist MP Fred Rose in Cartier riding, 1945. The Yiddish text reads “in harts fun Cartier” (in the heart of Cartier). / Jewish Public Library

Historically, Mile End was the heart of the Montreal Jewish community. Just think of the famous bagel bakeries, Wilensky’s, or the works of Mordecai Richler. But what about its contemporary Jewish identity? Many people think immediately of the Hasidic community, highly visible in the streets of the neighbourhood and adjacent Outremont.

In reality, Mile End’s Jewish identity is comprised of several community, cultural and social facets.

During the discussion, in French, our panelists will examine these aspects with each other and with you. Bilingual Q&A.

Our panel:
Zvi Leve is a recognized expert in transport modelling. He is involved in many community groups dedicated to rethinking the interaction between transport and the built environment in our lives.

Samuel Ohayon is a scientist and biotechnology entrepreneur. He divides his time between his start-up company and his many passions, including music, painting and the study of texts on Jewish tradition and thought.

Mindy Pollak is the first Hasidic Jewish woman elected in Canada. She co-founded les Amis de la rue Hutchison, an association of neighbours seeking to reduce tensions that had been growing over the years.

Sandy Wolofsky has worked as a journalist in several countries, including Russia, Canada, North Korea and East Timor. She is currently working on a program to integrate First Nations people and recent immigrants into the world of skiing.

Sunday 30 April 2017, 2 pm
Mordecai Richler – Mile End Library, 5434 Park Avenue, Montreal
Presentations in French, bilingual Q&A
Free admission