Presentation: The Landscapes of Mile End

photo Justin Bur 2010

The Landscapes of Mile End

Sunday November 3, 2 p.m.
(Standard time)

Mile End has a rich history. Recognized as a district of heritage interest by the City, it bears witness to Montreal’s cultural diversity and urban development triggered by 19th-century industrialization. It is culturally and socially dynamic and is recognized for its community life and its residents’ attachment to their neighbourhood.

Professor Valois is a firm believer in the importance of socialization and the landscape as a key factor for the heritage value of urban areas. For several years, she has made Mile End’s landscape heritage a part of her students’ research.

She will discuss the results of this work, and will present Mile End from the perspective of its landscapes and, in particular, its public space.

Nicole Valois is a landscape architect and professor at the Université de Montréal landscape architecture school. She teaches landscape project and methodology in the urban setting. Her research focuses on modern landscape architectural heritage in Canada.

Sunday November 3, 2019, at 2 pm
(Remember Daylight Savings time ends at 2 am)

No registration required
Mordecai-Richler Library, 5434 Park Avenue H2V 4G7

Presentation in French, bilingual discussion.