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by Melanie Leavitt Pioneers of the Picket Line: The role of women in the labour movement From sweat-shop floors to picket lines, discover the stories of women – union organizers, community activists, and factory workers – who paved the way for the modern labour movement and workers’ rights in Montreal. A special […]

Talk: Pioneers of the Picket Line

With invited panelists: Gérard Beaudet, urban planner emeritus, full professor at the École d’urbanisme et d’architecture du paysage, Université de Montréal Luce Lafontaine, architect, chairperson of the Heritage and Development Committee, Héritage Montréal Marie Plourde, borough councillor, Mile End district, chairperson of the Urban Planning Advisory Committee Joshua Wolfe, urbanologue, […]

Round table: The Insertion of Contemporary Architecture in a Heritage ...